Rocky Gibbons Peterson
Big Buckaroo & Moose the cow dog Big Buckaroo's little sister

He's an All-American cowboy and rodeo star; and he always knows what to do in any situation. He's Big Buckaroo!  While Big Buck is the town hero, no one looks up to him more than Little Sis. She wants to be just like her big brother.  But how can she ever prove herself?  During the Fourth of July celebration, Little Sis finally gets her chance to show everyone that she is someone too!

Cow dogs come in all shapes and sizes, including a nine pound Pomeranian. It's the heart of a small dog that can make her a heroine, proven by Moose, the Pomeranian cow dog.  When her master, Big Buckaroo, needs her help, it's Moose to the rescue. Together they stop the cattle rustlers and save the day and the Robbers Roost Ranch!

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